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Wow! Second week in a row to bring in a win. This time out it was a Tigers win, 5-4 over the Rampaging Moose. It was a good win for us to make to as it helps out the other NYCGHA teams — the Rockets and Hotshots — with their playoff hopes. The Tigers have no chance, but it’s nice that we can help out the other teams in the association.

I played D last night and had a great time. I always enjoy playing D on the Tigers because it’s a great D crew to be a part of. But last night it felt really good. I even made one run up the ice from D all the way into the offensive zone. Unfortunately I got cutoff and couldn’t get a centering pass off because there was no one down there with me, but it was still great getting around three Moose players on my way down the ice.

I’ve been working on my wrist shot for the past three week… some very hardcore working. I’ve been getting to Ronnie’s an hour early so I can work on it. The folks at Ronnie’s, especially Roman, have been helping a lot. It came into play a lot with Saturday’s game. Playing D I had many opportunities to shoot in from the blue line and I the shots seemed stronger and more on target that they used to be. I want this to be a lot stronger before Montreal.

Next weekend I’m taking a power skating class, another step along the way towards being a better player before the Outgames.