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The Ordinals logged their first win of the season, beating the Wizards 5-3. Of course, it’s great that we finally posted a win in our fourth game of the season. Unfortunately, the game also saw us on the verge of making this loss number 4.

We opened the game strong and by mid-way through the 2nd we were solidly up 4-0. So you can imagine how frustrating it was watching that lead almost entirely evaporate. While we opened the game playing a very disciplined and focused game that had very good energy, we just as quickly turned around and started playing a sloppy game that nearly cost us everything. Johannes, the Wizards’ captain, called a well placed timeout after we scored our fourth goal. He used it to fire up his team, and for the Ordinals it knocked the momentum right out of our game. We were very lucky the game didn’t end up in a tie and into overtime. We secured our lead slightly more in the last minute of the game when the Wizards pulled their goalie and we scored on an empty net.

I have to say that the first half of the game was absolutely beautiful for us. Roman posted the first two goals, the first of which he made on an impossible angle. Derek and Mike also put in goals too and the team was playing great. It was exactly what Ordinals hockey is supposed to be. The second half is what the team has to figure out how to avoid if we plan to be contenders this season.

The Tigers had a disastrous game against the Blizzard, loosing 6-0. While I have to say I enjoyed the challenge of the game because the Blizzard are a strong team, and it’s always fun to play against Mike (if I can’t play with him on a team, at least I’ll make sure to play against him when I can). This game was very much like a Tigers of old. There was a lack of hustle in a lot of places that made it hard to play D. It was a good work out though, and I enjoyed being paired with Debbie. The first two goals were on us, but after that we managed to do the right thing to keep the puck out of the net on our watch.

Next week I only get to play in the Ordinals game. I’m coordinating–and working–the NYCGHA booth at the Gay Life Expo Saturday and Sunday, so I’ll only play the Ordinals 11:30 game against the Knights. I might even skip the early morning skate because I’m not sure I can do that, the expo and the late game and actually have enough energy for it all.