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I’ve become obsessed with this song… not really just the song but the whole performance. This clip, from Madonna’s Confessions Tour, is the song “Music” blended with the classic “Disco Inferno.” The song on its own is very good. But then add Madonna in a white Saturday Night Fever suit and her dancers on roller skates and you’ve got one cool combination. It’s Madonna meets Starlight Express meets Studio 54!

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I’ve watched this a couple times a week since we got the Confessions Tour DVD. So I’m glad I found the performance on YouTube so I could share (and possibly spread) my obsession!

The full DVD, by the way, is her best concert DVD since Blond Ambition back in the 90s. And, if you watch the DVD version, you get to see the complete staging of “Live to Tell,” which NBC edited for the broadcast version because of the hoopla around Madonna hanging from a cross.

Now, if you haven’t already, click play and enjoy!