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Twelve years ago tonight Will and I went to the movies in what turned out to be our first date (I’m not going to tell that story here, if you want those details you can read About Us). We have been inseparable ever since. It’s days like this, the milestone days, I look back over our relationship and just say “Wow.” I’ve spent nearly one-third of my life with Will and I can’t imagine having it any other way.

I’ve truly got it good. I have a spouse who supports me in everything I do, who gives me all the love I could ever want, and shares equally in the ups and downs of everyday life. I don’t think there could be a more perfect relationship. Sure we disagree sometimes on this or that (although it is pretty rare), but there is never a question that the foundation of our relationship is solid. And what is truly amazing to me is that I feel like, even after 12 years, we get stronger all the time and that the bonds that tie us together continue to grow and take on new dimensions. There is no more comforting thing than to be able to say that.
Last Friday I wrote my “Geek Out” piece on a song from The Light in the Piazza and quoted the lyric that summed up the hope that a mother had for her daughter: “Love if you can and be loved… may it last forever” I’m truly blessed that I have that and I can say with confidence that there is no better feeling and no better thing to share.

Thanks, Will, for filling my life with so much love and happiness! I look forward to many more years.