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The Internet is an odd place, especially the blogging thing. Lots of people you don’t know can know a lot about you and you can read a lot about people you don’t know. I’ve been reading Josh & Josh Are Rich and Famous for a few months now. I think I initially found the link on Towleroad and I enjoyed the blog written by these two guys who’d been friends since college so I kept reading (and eventually linked it up to the right side of this blog).

Well tonight I met Josh K from Josh & Josh. We actually met via email a couple days ago because he’s going to learn how to play hockey. (I run some of the NYCGHA programs, and I got an email from him since he’s signing up for a clinic.) Like a dork, I responded to that first email with “Wow! I feel like I’ve gotten an email from a celebrity! Very cool.” before I got into the particulars of the clinic. I couldn’t help it since he is a blog celebrity to me.

Tonight he was a volunteer at registration for the Chelsea Challenge, so we hung out for a few hours checking in players. I had a great time with him. And, of course, we knew a lot about each other already because we read each other’s blogs! So we got to skip a lot of the get-to-know-you sort of stuff and move right on to other topics like learning how to play hockey, checking out the cute boys registering and more. It was a very good time and I look forward to getting to know him more in the real world…