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This week’s “scary” Geek Out also falls into the category of guilty pleasure. Dante’s Cove beings it’s third season on Here! tonight. This show is a little bit Dark Shadows, a little bit The Colbys (I went with The Colbys instead of Dynasty simply because this show is kooky like The Colbys was…it wouldn’t be surprising if a UFO showed up here PLUS Tracy Scoggins, formerly of The Colbys, stars in the show,) and a whole lot sexy.

Toby and Kevin came to Dante’s Cove in the hopes of starting a life together, but Kevin unlocked an ancient curse on the island and found himself under the control of the often misunderstood Ambrosius. Meanwhile Ambrosius often battles against his former fiancee Grace using Tresum magic.

In fact, at the end of last season, there was a major Tresum showdown between Grace, Ambrosius and newcomer Diana that seemed to spell the end of Ambrosius… until he showed up at the end of the episode to reclaim Kevin for his own, leaving poor Toby distraught. And that’s where tonight picks up…

Here’s a look at season 3

If you want to make a visit to the Cove and don’t have the Here! Network, you can pick up season 1 and season 2 on DVD.

Anyone care to guess what next’s week classic “scary” Geek Out will be?