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Time with Bluestreak winds down. I’m happy to report that it was a pretty solid week.

Both sessions were good on the mill and in skills. Wednesday on the mill I had some tests to do for how many strides I could do in 30 seconds (the idea was to not do many because the longer the stride, the better… I did 14 if I remember right); how my stride looks (with a video capture) and did the grind. I spun the mill around 14 times, which is pretty good.

Skills has been good. Really hoping to get the wrist shot down so that I can leave this cycle with a solid shot to use for the rest of the fall.

Plyos was awesome as we started using more of the grid, going from the interior 1,2,3,4 squares into the outer 5,6,7,8 areas. It was fun and challenging.

Strength on Wednesday was not a good thing. I was wiped from the treadmill and didn’t have much to throw into it unfortunately.