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Monday night was solid. The treadmill was difficult, but Shane kept up the supportive talk and guidance and I got through it pretty well. It was another round of steep inclines and crazy sprints. I managed to not rely too much on the additional support cable. I wore it a lot to help out, but it was mostly all me doing the work which was awesome. Skills was also good with more work on my wrist shot. I know I keep saying that, but with only another week to go, I really want to be very strong here before I go. Plyos was a blast. I’m not sure why I liked it so much this particular round (yes, I always like plyo, but something about this was extra fun). It was a good end to the session.

Wednesday was Halloween and almost everyone called out for the night. It was just Ling, me and one other guy, and we were coached through the whole thing by Jimmy. This was more fun than I thought it’d be. I was a little worried with only three people on the mill, but we spaced things out enough so we weren’t dying from going to fast. Plus, it was an easier mill run for me after four or five really intense runs. We then did a minimum amount of strength training, about 20 minutes. Then we got to spend nearly an hour up in skills, which was perfect. Jimmy worked me a lot on trying to shoot while moving. It really taxed me trying to move correctly, but it got better as the session kept going. I’m going to have to work on this hardcore in the two sessions next week so I can nail it down better.