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Okay, as I’m writing this I’m not actually in Chicago yet. I’m actually some 40,000 feet up over who knows where on my way to Chicago. A couple thoughts on this trip thus far…

Why is airport wi-fi costing me money? I’m already paying a ton of money to fly in the first place and I’m held captive for a good amount of time in the airport. You’d think I wouldn’t have to pay money to use the wi-fi. LaGuardia makes you pay… I found off line and Blackberry-related activities to pass my time, thank you very much.

Pretzels are yummy! I tend to eat pretzels on two occasions: attending pro hockey games or at the airport. True, they are not good for me… but they are soooo good to eat. And it would happen that across from my departure gate was an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel place with a killer smell coming from it. So I had to have one and am so glad I did. (This made me miss Will a lot because we eat these when we travel together too and it seemed kinda wrong to indulge in an airport with out him.)

I’m not liking the first class folks. Since when is there not a curtain separating coach from first class? They need to get this back. I don’t need to smell the dinner they are having while I’m stuck back here with only snacks to eat. I was fine when I got on the plane, well fed (from the pretzel and a sandwich) and happy. But, the smell of whatever they are eating up there (smells like beef in a nice sauce) is driving me crazy and I’ll I can get here is chips, trail mix or cookies. Hmmmmmmm.

We are, shockingly, running on time. I haven’t flown in over a year, but from watching the news I don’t expect the experience to happen on time or smoothly. So far so good. We should be on the ground in less than an hour, which would have us in on time. We boarded on time too.

I’m excited for this trip. I haven’t traveled for work in a long time (something like three or four years), so it’s a change of pace (even though air travel is not my favorite because it’s such a hassle). The exciting part is I’m going to Chicago to kick off a big project that will have me busy through the summer. It’s also a big vote of confidence from the people I work for that I’m leading something of this magnitude after less than a year there. Yay!