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This Mac commercial sums up my experience with Vista (except I don’t have a yoga studio or messed up billing).

I bought a new Dell laptop last September and it came installed with Vista. I wasn’t happy about that, but there was no option to allow me to get it installed with XP. I figured since it was a factory install (rather than an upgrade, which I’d heard nightmare stories about), it would be okay.

Sadly not.

Vista seems to like to eat every system resource it can get its hands on. The computer can take three or more minutes to fully boot up. Sometimes it won’t wake up from sleep mode correctly. It’s hard to multi-task on it because moving between different windows can take a long time for it to process the switch.

I’ve never been anti-Mac (I’ve used them for work fairly routinely), but I’ve always had a PC home. I’ve got two Dell desktop units that have XP and they’re both solid. But now, with this nasty Vista laptop, I will likely go Mac with my next purchase. I’d love to ditch this laptop and go Mac now, but it’s hard for me toss a computer after less than a year (there needs to be a Mac rescue program to aid people who’ve been burned by Vista).

I don’t know what Microsoft was thinking. I’ve worked with computers for a couple decades now and if I have trouble with Vista, what does that mean for the poor user who just needs something to word process on?

* Sigh *


In an unrelated note… this is post 700! Wow!