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Last night’s hockey was decently fun even though both games were losers, particularly the Wizards game which was a 14-0 defeat at the hands of the Wolfpack. (I think it was 14-0, they stop putting the score on the board after there’s a 10 point disparity and they haven’t posted the official score yet). Meanwhile, the Ordinals did lose to the Blizzard by a score of 5-2. Not as disastrously as the Wizards game, but a loss none the less.

The Wizards game, even with the huge loss, was bizarrely fun. I can’t really put my finger on why, but as the score got more and more lopsided the more fun the game got. The Wolfpack, to their credit, lightened up on the game towards the end of the second period and for the most part both side just started to have some fun with it. It was a lot of work for the D because there were only three of us and we weren’t changing on a good schedule. I’m not sure why we couldn’t get in snyc with that, but there were some 2 and 3 minute shifts.

The Ordinals game was well played I think. We’ve gotten really competitive with the Blizzard in the past couple seasons and the game just tipped in their favor. For us only having 11 people on the bench, we did quite well. We had to deal with on-the-fly line change ups. I got hurt and was down for a bit. Michael got hurt and had to sit for a bit. We were never under 10, but it did keep things changing up.

I took a slapshot in the left forearm which hurt bad and I couldn’t keep a tight grip on the stick. That happened late in the first period. I sat most of the second period with ice on my arm. I jumped back into the game as a wing so another player could catch their breath. I played out the rest of the game as forward, a little bit at wing and a little bit at center. I even scored while I was out there. Ryan shot, the puck bounced off someone and to me and I shot it right back in  and there it was.

Ronnie’s was great in the morning as usual. Tommy tossed some new drills at us that were fun. I played on two lines again for the scrimmage. I was out acting as defense for the kids again. I just really like that. It’s fun; it makes me work on different things overall and it’s cool to be able to work with them a bit. For the other line I was out with the usual gang with Heather and Kevin and, oddly, playing against Laurie and Allison. Roman and Joe were on that line a bit too and it was fun to play against them again. They are challenging for my defensive skills and it was nice to get that yesterday.