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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor provided a good afternoon at the movies. As Will put it, it didn’t desend into stupidness like a sci-fi origianl might… and that was good. For me, the set up took a long time to get through, but once the action was going and the gang was battling Jet Li’s reincarnated evil emperor the movie was a lot of fun.

The best part of the entire production was Michelle Yeoh. She rocks in everything she does and it’s no different even here. Her battle sequence in the film’s finale with Jet Li is great (and too short). She also brings a great dignity to the proceedings.

It was also cool to see some nice Yetis step in an help during one of the big, snowy battles. Yay for the Yetis.

Was it worth $12? Marginally. The final battle was pretty cool, but realistically you’ve seen it before in The Lord of the Rings movies and in 300. So it’s a mixed recommendation on if it’s worth your theater-going dollar.

What was very cool to see was a trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!