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We walked a lot of the main drag of the town today, about 1.5 miles or so (one way) between our Inn and the farthest point we got to. Commercial Street is where everything happens. It’s lined with shops, restaurants, galleries…everything. Today we mostly looked at shops, just poking around anything that looked interesting. We picked up some Ptown souvenirs, picked up various knick-knacks and just generally meandered our way down the street.

We’re still going to do a gallery walk one of these remaining days too since there are many, many, many to explore.

We also snapped a few new pictures since we were on a different side of town with a slightly different look at the beach and water. (As always, click on the images to get a larger view.)

Today’s ultimate destination was the Lyman-Eyer Gallery because it’s the Provincetown gallery that Steve Walker shows his work at. Jeff Geeked Out about Walker’s art a few weeks ago and we were excited to see some in person. The gallery had a couple of original works on display, which were amazing. These works were approx 48 inches by 36 inches, so they were large and it was quite something to see Walker’s work on such a large scale. (You can check out the gallery’s collection of Walker Originals and Walker Reproductions.)

We also saw reproductions of several pieces, including two of our favorites: “Rain” (which was featured in the Geek Out post) and “On A Clear Day.” Since we can’t afford the $7,000+ price tag on a Walker original, we are seriously looking at picking up these two reproductions. They are still pricey, but they are both large and we kinda fell in love with them. These would be our first grown-up-type art purchases ever.

We also found out, while visiting the Now Voyager Bookstore and Gallery, why Walker’s art has been more difficult to find. He currently doesn’t have a distributor for calendars, greeting cards, reproductions, etc. We picked up a handful of cards as well as a matted reproduction at Now Voyager. The cards were great, some Walker art we’ve not seen before, including this piece entitled “The Fabric of Life,” which brought Jeff to tears right there in the bookstore (yes, he’s mushy…frequent readers of the blog know that).

As you can tell, it was another fabulous Ptown day. Tonight, we’re off to dinner and who knows what else…