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For our anniversary we decided to go back to [title of show] since we love it.

It was, of course, amazing! Even better the second time because it was easier to catch some of the subtleties. Routine readers of the blog know this has become one of our very favorite shows ever. It is packed with meaning between the themes of following your dreams and dealing with the creative process. I suspect we’ll be going back again before the year is over.

We did something after the show that we haven’t done in a few years. We bought a poster and hung out at the stage door. As you can see we met Hunter, Jeff, Susan, Hedi and Larry. We chatted ever so briefly and got their autographs. It was a nice topper to the afternoon.

Hopefully [tos] will catch on. It’s disturbing to read the weekly attendance/gross figures on and see that this wonderful show is hovering between 45%-50% attendance. Luckily, it’s a small show so its cost to run isn’t huge… but I worry the producers might pull the plug if things don’t pick up.

The producers behind [tos] certainly know how to make a show succeed. This team works/worked on Rent, Avenue Q, In the Heights, The Drowsy Chaperon and other hits. They need to get their magic working for this show so more people come see it.

Get Hunter and Jeff on TV. They’ve got such a great story to tell. Get them on GMA, Today, The View or Regis & Kelly. Get the cast to sing some of the amazing songs. I feel like the show is only known by New Yorkers or those who really pay attention to Broadway. More people need to know so 525,600 people (or more) are all loving the show!