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Yesterday’s hockey time started out with an honor. Roman and Joe gave me a jersey that puts me in with the cool–and pretty talented–hockey crowd. You see they, along with some of their friends, all tend to wear the same jerseys. There seem to be two jerseys the use: a Columbus Blue Jackets jerseys and another non-NHL jersey that is a very snazzy black and purple. Well, I got a Blue Jackets jersey and I’m certainly honored to be in that circle. I hope I am able to live up to the jersey!

Meanwhile, in the games from last night, the Tigers opened their fall season with a overtime shootout win against the Sled Dogs. It was so much fun being back with the Tigers. The not-so-good part was being on the ice for the three goals scored against the Tigers. One of them was directly (and disappointingly) my fault, but I was up-close-and-personal for the other two as well. Still, even with that, I felt I played a pretty strong game. I enjoyed being there for Adam’s first Tigers game too. He played really good last night, very nearly scoring a couple times. He’s going to make a great Tiger!

The Ordinals suffered a 9-3 loss against the Canucks last night. We were short-handed with only 10 players. It’s difficult to keep up with this team when we’ve got a completely full bench and last night we got worn out. But we managed to keep our heads in the game and ultimately break out of a shut-out and keep our overall plus/minus on the plus side. Happily we also kept the game from being chippy too. It was tough, but I still enjoyed it. I even had a couple of rushes at the net. I couldn’t convert them into goals, but I was still happy to have them… except the one that got me clocked in the head by one of the Canucks. I’d like to believe that would have been a penalty if we weren’t under 30 seconds in the game already.

While I was hanging out at Sky Rink between games last night, I got to watch the reborn Polar Bears. How fun to see a new team birthed. I helped place a few of those players and it was great to see John and Josh play last night. They both had some solid playing last night. I’m looking forward to the first Tigers/Polar Bears match up.