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Starlight ExpressEvery now and then I play a game, usually a scrimmage, where music is played. Usually there’s a rock score, but sometimes a danceable mix. Laurie had a great playlist that I helped build for her birthday scrimmage that was a lot of fun to play to.

Someday I’m going to shell out the necessary cash to get myself 80 minutes of ice time and then recruit the right people to play to my wacky hockey playlist. (It would have to be the right, hand-picked crowd of people so I wouldn’t get too much grief for the playlist.)

ABBAHere (in no particular order… the iPod would be on shuffle anyway) is the music for my ultimate scrimmage playlist:

  • “Music Inferno” – Madonna
  • “Xanadu Movie Finale” – Olivia Newton-John
  • “The Race” – Original London Cast of Starlight Express
  • “Playbills & Monkeys” – Original Cast of [title of show]
  • Stevie Nicks“Juke Box Hero” – Foreigner
  • “One of the Living” – Tina Turner
  • “Tire Tracks and Broken Hearts” – Bonnie Tyler
  • “What Time is It?” – Cast of High School Musical 2
  • “You Can’t Stop the Beat” – Original Broadway Cast of Hairspray
  • “Summer Night City” – ABBA
  • “Rent” – Original Motion Picture Cast of Rent
  • “Stand Back” – Stevie Nicks
  • Nemesis Rising“Space Cowboy” – N*Sync
  • Theme from Alias
  • “Live and Let Die” – Paul McCartney
  • “Original Sin” – Taylor Dayne
  • “Number One in Heaven” – Nemesis Rising
  • “The Song of Purple Summer” – Original Broadway Cast of Spring Awakening
  • Theme from Space: 1999 Season 2

Spring AwakeningThere is another song I would love to put in here–“I Just Wanna Fuckin’ Dance (Dance Mix)” from Jerry Springer: The Opera, but I suspect the language wouldn’t be appreciated at the rink.

This times out at almost exactly 80 minutes so it would be wall-to-wall music from the warmups straight through to the end of the ice time. One day I will make this come true! In the meantime, the playlist will standby on iTunes and be ready to move to my iPod. And, hey, if you want to be in on this skate with a strange soundtrack, just let me know and I’ll put you on the invite list for when it happens.