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WizardsOrdinalsIt was a rough Saturday. I was sick most of last week with a lot of coughing and asthma. I finally sent myself to the doctor on Friday and got some drugs to help. It pained me to sit out Ronnie’s in the morning, but knowing I needed to get through two games in the evening it did seem the prudent course of action.

Even with that prep, the Wizards/Blizzard game was difficult. From the first shift, my breathing wasn’t cooperating. Having only three defensemen in rotation certainly didn’t help either. Then, midway through the first my right leg decided to cramp up (or something) making it nearly impossible to push off and build up any speed. It meant my defensive play was far more conservative than usual and since we really needed some aggression I hate that I had to play that way.

The Wizards ultimately lost 3-0. And while I was only on the ice for one of the goals against, I still wish I could’ve stepped up a bit more. I suppose it was good that I played anyway since there were only 9 players; I just wished I could’ve contributed more to possibly turning things around.

During the 90 minutes between games, I stretched out my leg to loosen up whatever had gone wrong. I also got to take some medication. I think both of these helped me have a better game for the Ordinals/Hegemony game. While I felt much more confident and mobile in this game, the Ordinals continued the loosing streak (currently 10 games long) as we lost 10-2.

I don’t know how many goals I was out for as I lost count at some point (I do know it wasn’t all of them). As I figured out my breathing and leg were working right, I did get more aggressive with the play and actually had a pretty good time with this game. Hegemony is a fast team that knows how to play as a team and they were fun to watch when I was on the bench and to work to shut down while I was on the ice.

Overall, I felt like Ordinals offense was in decent shape last night too. They were passing, working hard to keep offensive pressure in (which the defense made difficult because we were playing conservative since the Hegemony offense was so fast).

Next week I hope to have completely beaten back this cold thing. I expect to be back at Ronnie’s and to play in the Tigers game next week, which is the only game on the calendar as both the Wizards and Ordinals are off.