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So You Think You Can DanceThis weeks So You Think You Can Dance got off to a slow start with the two numbers–hip hop from Karla & Jonathan (which ultimately got Jonathan sent home) and Vitolio & Asuka’s jazz routine (which thankfully got Asuka sent home). Happily things picked up with couple number three and Melissa & Ade’s steaming hot Rumba. Janette & Brandon kept things moving with a great bit of hip hop. I had no idea that contemporary Brandon could pull off hip hop that well. His moves were sharp and amazing. I wonder what Mia is thinking of him these days?

The next three numbers for the night, made up my top three for the week. First up is my favorite of the night: Kayla & Kupono’s Viennese Waltz choreographed by the awesome Jean Marc Genereux

Next up in the top 3 is Randi & Evan’s contemporary piece from Mia Michaels. You’ll see why it got the nickname of “The Butt Dance.”

And third was Jason & Caitlin’s paso doble. This was also put together by Jean Marc Genereux and uses one of my favorite pieces of music (“O’Fortuna” from Carmina Burana). The dance on this one gets started at 2:34.

One more note for this week: I thought Nigel was especially hard on Phillip. He was much more on top of his game with this week’s Broadway number than last week’s tango. Nigel just hammered him to step up even more. I thought he made a great deal of progress from last week… maybe I’m missing something, but it seemed really harsh after such a solid performance.