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OrdinalsTigersThe spring/summer season ended for both the Ordinals and Tigers. One team was destroyed while the other lost but played stunningly.

The Tigers met the Great Whites for the fourth time this season. We’ve had an odd run against them. We won the first game 7-1 but the lost the next two 7-2 and 8-2. Last night we lost 4-1, but we did so with only seven skaters against their full bench.

It was an amazing game. Because we only had seven (that’s five people on ice and two resting on the bench at any given moment) we had to keep the lines in flux to allow for maximum rest opportunities so players would change position on the fly to keep people in the positions they could play the best. Across the board the seven played great, both offense and defense. Everyone played with energy, smarts and skill. I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of a Tigers game as this one where we just kept bringing it to our opponent. It was an exhausting but very satisfying game.

Meanwhile the Ordinals were pretty much destroyed earlier in the night. I’m not sure what the score was as the score stopped going on the board when we hit 10-1 in the second period. I think it was probably 14-1  or 15-1. We played the Canucks and that’s always a tough game. I enjoy playing against them because it certainly makes you think hard about what you’re doing. I did okay during this game. There were mis-steps but on the whole it was a good effort on my part, including a couple of shots on net.

Ronnie’s Ice was fab in the morning. It rolled back to 5:30, so that meant we had an even smaller group of players. Best of all was the scrimmage: half-ice four-on-four. It was very balanced as the line I played on remained scoreless. It was a blast!

It’ll be Ronnie’s and some SNS that keeps me in hockey for the next three or four weeks as none of my teams made playoffs. For fall though, I’ll be back on all three teams: full time on Tigers and Wizards and alternate for the Ordinals.