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Remember when Saturday morning used to mean something, not only to the kids but to the networks too? Of course this is back way before cable came along with hundreds of channels… and before most kid shows had some sort of marketing tie in.

This was also back when you’d get big promos for kid TV like this one from ABC in 1974:

Hmmmmm…. The ABC Afterschool Special could be a “Geek Out” of it’s own. If only kids today had those. Anyway, I digress.

I remember eagerly anticipating the Saturday Morning Preview shows that would air on Friday nights before the start of the new season of shows.

Here’s ABC from 1984, hosted by Weird Al.

CBS went video game crazy in 1983, and had a preview special that featured Scott Baio, cast members from The Dukes of Hazard and the Kroftt puppets.

Ahhh… simpler times. Pretty bizzare times too. There are very few casts that I can imagine doing a Saturday morning preview today. Only a couple come to mind: Ugly Betty and Glee would do kick ass preview specials. But can you imagine the cast of “CSI” or “Grey’s Anatomy” or “The Office” trying to do a Saturday preview? Not so much.

Hope you enjoyed this blast from the past for your Friday morning. I certainly did!