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Back when 28 Days of Dance started , I spent a few days looking at Bob Fosse. Today we get a variation on the Fosse theme.

The original production of Chicago opened in May 1975 and was choreographed, co-written and directed by Fosse. It was nominated for 11 Tonys (won none) and ran for a little over two years. Nearly twenty years later, Ann Reinking choreographed the Chicago revival “in the style of Bob Fosse” with a lot of success. The revival, which opened in 1996 and received 8 Tony Awards (winning six, including for Reinking’s choreography) continues to run. Here’s the original revival cast, including Reinking and Bebe Neuwirth, performing at the 1997 Tony Awards. Of note in this performance, the performance of Reinking and Newwirth doing the “Hot Honey Rag” uses Fosse’s original choreography.