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It was a tough week. While it was great that the top six got to do things over again, it was tough to lose two. Even more difficult when one of the two lost included Billy. I was stunned that Lauren ended up in the bottom three for the first time and when that happened I knew Billy was doomed because the judges weren’t going to kick out the last girl, especially one as talented as Lauren. If it had been Billy vs. Robert, I think Billy would’ve come out on top, especially given the performances he’s had the past couple weeks.

Next week the top four begin the two weeks to the crowning of America’s Favorite Dancer. Kent, Lauren and Robert are all great top four choices. I’m not happy that AdéChiké is there. While his dancing is very good technically, he’s so inconsistent with this performance ability that I’ve never understood how he’s missed the bottom three every week.

Here’s my top three dances from this week:

  • Billy (Stacey Tookey contemporary): Outstanding! Billy and Ade were well matched here. I loved the counterpoint in the dancing styles. The story was heartbreaking too and both dancers found their characters perfectly. It was really great to see Billy so in the character moment. And, since this was Billy’s last week, at least he went out on a stunning high.
  • Robert (Stacey Tookey contemporary): Stacey was on a roll this week as she delivered two amazing numbers. Robert and Kathryn were perfectly in sync here as a husband and wife saying goodbye… that it was Kathryn going off to the army was a great and unexpected twist. Robert has had great contemporary pieces this season and this will stand as one of the best of the season.
  • Billy (results night solo): I don’t usual write about results night solos here, but since I’m writing doing top three after the fact I can. Billy left it all on the floor for what turned out to be his final dance in the competition. I was glad he was in bottom three so we could see that. Absolute perfection!

Here’s the rest of the recap in performance order:

  • Kent (Jean-Marc Genereux & France Mousseau cha cha): Kent did a pretty good job playing the “bad boy.” It was kind of funny watching him slip in and out of “kent face,” but on the whole he nailed this. His dance style has come a long way since the first time he danced with Anya.
  • AdéChiké (Tyce Diorio jazz): I didn’t feel a huge connection between AdéChiké and Courtney and I agree with Nigel when he said that AdéChiké did not have enough wild abandon with this dance. It was good, but not as good as it could’ve been.
  • Jose (Marty Kudelko & Dana Wilson hip hop): I loved this number. Jose rocked this. Comfort and Jose had such strong chemistry here, it was smooth with a nice flavor of fun. It didn’t feel like hip hop to me, even lyrical hip hop. But it was fantastic and Jose’s best number of the season.
  • Lauren (Tyce Diorio Broadway): Another, rather dull, Broadway number from Tyce. Lauren did it great with Allison, but it wasn’t the most memorable number of the night either. But they were cute and bubbly, doing everything they could to sell it.
  • Jose & Kent (Tyce Diorio Broadway): Kent rocked this number and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him in a Broadway musical within the next year. While Jose did a solid job here, better than his last Broadway run, Kent definitely overshadowed him.
  • AdéChiké & Lauren (Jean-Marc Genereux & France Mousseau foxtrot): Lauren was radiant in this number and so smooth. I know the judges said there were technical issues, I simply didn’t care. AdéChiké partnered very well, but he looked like he was thinking too hard about the whole thing.
  • Billy & Robert (Nakul dev Mahajan Bollywood): Great closing to the performance show. Robert did out dance Billy here by just a bit. Robert was hitting with such power that it made his dance incredible while Billy’s was simply good. Together they were fun to watch with the complicated fusion choreography.

The solos on performance night were a mix of things that felt like a rerun and things that were great. Jose brought some new moves and some passion to his. You could tell he was doing everything he could to stay in. Lauren had beautiful musicality, but didn’t offer anything new. Billy got a little more daring (a daring he pushed even more on results night). Kent did a good job, and there was no “Kent face,” which I was happy about. Robert had the best of the night with his fluid grace. AdéChiké was powerul, but didn’t break new ground either.

The results show group number from Mia Michaels was awesome! So sad that Lauren didn’t dance in it as Alice (she got injured during the performance show, but was okay to dance solo). The musical guests were blah. But the Step Up 3D dancers were incredible (can’t wait to see that movie).

Next week the top four begin their quest to the finals and the judges no longer have a say in who is safe.

In other SYTYCD news. We have tickets to the tour (yay!) and will be at Radio City Music Hall on October 7 to see the show. I can’t wait.