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Corporate intrigue, Internet geeks and a frenzied media all swirled together to create the delightful Sparks Fly by Clare London. Nic Gerrard is a charasmatic entreprenur who is always in the media, always on the town, always with someone new. He’s about to take Sparks, his online dating company, public and he is riding high on the excitement.

Or is he?

As the launch approaches, he finds himself drawn to the programmer who helped him get the Sparks site running years ago. Initially Nic and Aidan West meet to discuss some program upgrades and then they end up working even closer to try and stop a hacker from destroying the business. All the while they both feel the attraction of the other. Nic is very clear he wants Aidan. Aidan, however, isn’t so sure he wants to be sucked into Nic’s lifestyle and for sure doesn’t just want to be a flavor of the day.

London does a great job with these characters. Nic’s charisma and charm light up the page while Aidan is the classic socially awkward geek. Their personalities collide spectacularly as they try to track down the hacker and sort out their attraction to each other. Even better are the characters internal thoughts as they try to figure out what’s going on. I liked the pacing of the book too with the hacker story wrapping up a few chapters before the end so that Nic and Aidan could focus on each other during the book’s closing pages.