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It’s been almost exactly four years since I saw Quantum of Solace, the 2008 James Bond entry. If you follow that link you’ll find my single word first line on that review was “Disappointing.”

Skyfall, however, is thrilling. Everything a Bond movie should be. It’s good they fixed the franchise as it’s celebrating its 50th anniversary.

I’m not going to say much on plot because I don’t want to give up any spoliers. I will say a lot goes on in this movie that will have far reaching implications for future films.

Daniel Craig continues to be excellent as 007. Judi Dench’s M gets some great time out of the office. Ben Whishaw is a wonderful new Q (who also happens to be very cute). Javier Bardem is unlike any Bond villain before and he is delightfully crazy. Watching him and Craig duel is a lot of fun. As a director, Sam Mendes fixed everything that was wrong in the direction of Quantum.

After not being sure that I wanted to see Skyfall because of how bad Quantum was, I’m glad the ads coaxed me into the theater. Now I’m looking forward to see what Bond’s next mission is.