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RainbowCon2014Will and I are doing two conventions this year, and RainbowCon in Tampa is the first one on the schedule–April 17-20 in Tampa.

RainbowCon is significant for me because it’ll mark the first time I’m going to one of these cons as an author. At GRL last year, I subtly promoted Hat Trickbut I wasn’t attending as an author. And, for our first GRL from 2012, I attended to take it all in rather than promote anything, even the few short stories I had out.

I just got the full details on my RainbowCon schedule this morning and I’m excited, and just a wee bit nervous to see what I’m doing over the four days–participating in two panels (including hosting one, which was unexpected but kinda cool), doing one Q&A and one reading. Here’s how it shakes out:

Thursday, April 17 @ 2pm: Roundtable Discussion: Plotters vs Pantsers – Do you plot or write by the seat of your pants? This informal discussion group discusses the bonuses, highs, and lows of both writing styles. Panelists: Cody Stanford, David Berger, Geoff Knight, Jeff Adams, Lexi Ander, HOST: S.L. Armstrong

Thursday, April 17 @ 5:30pm: Author Q&A Sessions – Beau Schemery, Jeff Adams, Stephen del Mar, Vicktor Alexander, Wade Kelly

Friday, April 18 @ 2:45pm: Reading

Friday, April 18 @ 5pm: Don’t Quit Your Day Job! – One thing is certain when you start writing: making a living wage is difficult, if next to impossible. Panelists will share their day jobs as well as how to find a balance between writing and working. Panelists: Geoff Knight, Isabella Carter, Kade Boehme, Michael Rupured, W.S. Long, HOST: Jeff Adams

I’m thrilled Geoff Knight is on both panels I’m doing since he’s one of my favorite authors, but also a friend and all around cool guy. I’m glad I get to Q&A with Wade Kelly. And I get to meet W.S. Long, who I chat with on Twitter from time to time. Plus I get to meet tons of new authors too! It’s going to be an excellent, information packed weekend (and then we’re going to Disneyland after!)

In Other News…

  • Will and I are also fully signed up for GayRomLit, October 16-19 in Chicago. I’m going as an author in the supporting category. I’m not sure what I’ll be up to here yet, but I’m excited to be going for a third year. We’re also signed up for the writer’s workshop too since that was so great last year.
  • Hat Trick 2: Playing the Rebound is with beta readers now. I’m happy with the story and excited to hear what my betas have to say. I’ve also been working on the blurb so I have that difficult task behind me. It’s nearly done, and I’ll unveil it as soon as it is. Hat Trick 3: Penalty Shot (yes, it’s got a title now) is underway to as I do some research and also read over what I’ve got since it’s been four months since I didn’t anything with that manuscript. I’m hopeful I’ll be done writing that by the end of this year.
  • Rainbow Book Fair happens March 29 here in NYC and I’m looking forward to going to that and seeing what’s going on there. I usually discover at least one new book there, so it should be a good afternoon.