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Yesterday was our one month anniversary since we got on the plane and departed New York City for our new home.

It’s been a great month!

Sure, we stayed in a hotel for about three weeks. Thankfully, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Arcata/Eureka Airport here in McKinleyville was an excellent place to stay. The room was suite-sized, so there was a couch, a table and a kitchenette so we had space and we could eat some things without going out (although we did eat out way too much). There was a fitness center, on-site laundry and free breakfast. It was an okay place to be for those weeks.

Last Friday we moved into our house! We love our house! Our stuff, despite coming two days late, is mostly in place. We’re mostly down to decorating and getting the 30 boxes of books unpacked (and that’s about halfway done). It’s awesome to have space. Even when everything was in a box, the house wasn’t claustrophobic. It’s great that we have Will and I have our own office spaces so we can do whatever we want to. They’re both turning into some pretty creative spaces. I posted this pic of mine last week. Still a WIP as I’m looking to get a different desk to have more desk space, but I’m loving how it’s setting up (once we get the house fully squared away, we’ll post more).

Over the past week we’ve gotten back into a routine. We’re eating right again, which feels great. I’m back to work, which is good too. I like working East Coast hours out here because it means I’m done mid-afternoon and that leaves time to do things before evening sets in. Next week I’m looking to get back into a groove with writing (Hat Trick 2.5 and Hat Trick 3 won’t write themselves) and cycling.

It’s been great seeing friends and catching up in person after more than a decade. Beth, Randy, Peggy, Chris, Clint, Ron have all been so wonderful to see. Also meeting Chris, Peggy and Clint’s boys Matt and Alex was great. We’ll be catching up with more in the coming weeks too.

Do I miss New York? Only certain aspects of it. Friends? Yes… although Facebook helps soften that blow. Hockey? Yes, although I’m not having the withdrawal pains I thought I would. Shows? Not yet. Although there are things coming that I know I’ll be sad to miss… that said, there’s plenty of theatre here, too. I don’t miss the hordes of people. I don’t miss the heat and humidity of summer. I certainly don’t miss living in an expensive apartment with limited space.

More than anything I love that Will and I have found a great home. Plus, now that we’re both working at home we get to see each other all the time. I love that each meal time (and there are five spread through the day) we meet up in the kitchen for some prep and to eat.

One month in and I’m so glad we did this. Looking forward to more months rolling out!