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Dance Dance Wednesday

Week two of So You Think You Can Dance season 12 competition had a clear winner in the dance of the night category: Jim and Jaja with a beautiful hip hop number choreographed by Christopher Scott.

I do like how the new format is shaping up. Dancers are still doing things outside their style’s, which is great. There are no more couple pairings, instead it’s all random and there were groups of twos, threes and fours, which gave the choreographers something new to work with instead of always doing twos. Plus stage and street came together in a big group number and then the teams also performed together. All-in-all. I like it! Two things I wish: bring a guest judge onto the panel and that the Twitter safe was easier to do from the West Coast.

You can check out a playlist of the other dances I liked this week, including the number above.

Emmy Nominations!

2015 Emmy Nominations came out last week and there are some great works on the list. Witney Carson was nominated for the work she did with Alfonso Ribeiro during Dancing with the Stars season 19 (Fall 2014). Derek Hough, Julianne Hough, and Tessandra Chavez were nominated together for the “Elastic Heart” number from the Dancing With the Stars season 20 finale (Spring 2015). From So You Think You Can Dance Travis Wall, Sonya Tayeh and Spencer Liff were individually nominated for work they did on season 11 (Summer 2014). Congrats to all seven nominees for this amazing work. You can watch a playlist of the nominated routines.

I think it’s an oversight that Sharna Burgess wasn’t nominated for her Dancing with the Stars season 20 work with Noah Galloway. She did some extraordinary routines cutting across a number of styles, such as Tango, Contemporary, Paso Doble and an amazing Freestyle. I don’t know if she wasn’t submitted (either by herself or the show) or if the Academy overlooked what she did. Her work certainly stands alongside the actual nominees as some of the best dance on television during the 2014-15 season.