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I’ve been waiting for the next installment of Fathom’s Five since 2011 when The Curse of the Dragon GodWith the release of The Tomb of Heaven, Geoffrey Knight gives us a little tease of the gang in advance of  The Temple of Time (which is coming later this year).

This novella is like going to the movies to see a short serial (although the complete story is here). Like all the Fathom’s books, the story is a globe trotting adventure–this time from remote research island to NYC to Pakistan to Kashmir. Jake and Shane, along with reporter Daniel (a.k.a. Shane’s boyfriend) are on the hunt for the Tomb of Heaven, where there’s, according to myth, an elixir of immortality. Of course, the bad guys can’t be allowed to get their hands on that.

Unfortunately, there are bad guys at every turn for the trio and you can never be sure who to trust. Two stand out moments in this book are the car and motorcycle chase through a marketplace and gaining entrance into the tomb itself. Both of these sequences show off Knight’s skill and writing an action and suspense filled sequence.

We are also reminded through a couple of scenes what else is happening in the Fathom’s universe–in particular that Eden remains very sick.

I hope Geoff finishing the next book soon. It’s been a long wait for The Temple of Time and I’m more eager than ever to get my hands on that book.