Jeff talks about his week in Toronto. Will gives a shoutout to the Dreamspinner authors who have books in the inaugural month of Dreamspun Desires, which were written up in this month’s Romantic Times. Congratulations to Atom Yang, who was interviewed on episode #3, on the release of his Red Envelope holiday short story. Last week’s Question of the Week’s listener answers are revealed. The new QoW is asked: “What was the first gay fiction/gay romance book you read and what was its impact on you?” Jeff & Will also talk music and musicals this week too with The Wiz Live!Diana Ross Sings The Wiz, the Broadway revival of Spring Awakening and The Voice. You can  listen and subscribe to the podcast anytime on iTunesStitcherPlayerFM or direct download the audio file.

[h2]Show Notes[/h2]
Here are the things we talk about in this episode: