Jeff and Will kick off the episode with a brief review of January. Jeff talks about the Capolavoro di uomo | Masterpiece of Man coffee table book he recently got, which features profiles of artists of gay erotic art. Will talks about how he got back into coloring, which has become a fad recently with many coloring books now available for adults. The guys also talk about superheroes TV–SupergirlThe Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Agent Carter. Last week’s question of the week is discussed, and Eileen is revealed as the winner of Jordan Nasser’s signed paperbacks.

Author and publisher J.M. Snyder is welcomed to the show for part one of her interview. She talks about her history as an author along with the origin story of her “micropress” JMS Books. We talk about the new JMS Books’ Love Wins series, which rolls out starting February 7 (and includes Jeff’s Make the Right Choice) as well as what JMS Books looks for in the titles it publishes and what’s  coming up later this year.

The show rounds out with this week’s Question of the Week: “What is your preferred size/length for the books you read?” You can answer the question in the comments below.

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[h2]Show Notes[/h2]
Here are the things we talk about in this episode:

[h2]Question of the Week Episode 16 Responses:[/h2]
While listeners can leave comments on the website each week, answers come in from various other platforms as well (and we can only read a few answers on the show). Here are all the responses we got to the question “How do the seasons affect your reading–the amount of reading and the kinds of books you’re reading?” Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer.

  • Gillian: I don’t think the seasons effect what I read as much as what I’m doing — if I’m writing, I don’t read as much. However, the part of Japan I live in is currently buried in snow, and I have read 6 mystery novels in the last week and a half — could there be a correlation? I mean, there has to be a reason they’re called cozy mysteries.
  • Denise: I have never really noticed if the seasons affected my reading. Thinking about it I realized it does to a certain point. Winter generally sees me reading a lot of my comfort reads. There is no rhyme or reason to my comfort reads, just the books I love. I can read as many as 4 of my comfort reads a week during winter. Don’t really see any of the other seasons affecting my reading.
  • Eileen (our giveaway winner!): I never thought about seasons affecting my reading, but here in the Northeast it gets dark very early and I tend to go to bed earlier…so I probably read more in the winter (that’s when I do my reading, before bed). However, if I take a vacation in the summer I can easily read a book a day.
  • Christina: I had to go back and see for sure. It seems that when baseball season approaches I start to read more athlete finds love books. Then through the summer I go to cheesy and fun romance and fantasy. Seems most of my fantasy is done in late spring-summer. When October hits, postseason, I’m not reading very much. Come winter I tend to favor BDSM and darker books. I didn’t realize this AT ALL. I have some cheesy thrown in here and there in the winter and dark ones tossed about in the summer but for the most part I do tend to have reading seasons and I didn’t even notice!!