This week the guys are getting ready for Rainbow Book Fair in New York City!

The show kicks off with a brief update on Jeff’s writing and the creation of a production schedule that goes into 2019. Next, they show off the Gay Sex Coloring Book and the picture Jeff colored. On the TV side, The VoiceDancing with the Stars and the Supergirl/Flash crossover episode are discussed.

April is Autism Awareness Month and friend-of-the-podcast Tammy Middleton is running her annual Authors “Sign Off” for Autism Awareness auction, which features an array of goodies to bid on from authors and publishers–including Jeff’s Hat Trick trilogy in paperback.

Jeff talks about Born for This by Chris Guillebeau and Jeff & Will wish the Love Bytes Review blog, run by Dani Maas, a very happy third Anniversary. The guys go over some answers to last episode’s Question of the Week. Casey at the Bat creator Bob Glasscock joins the show for an interview about the comic, what inspired him to create Casey and what is process is for writing and drawing it. Bob also asks this week’s question: “What comics do you like to read online? Long form? Sci-Fi epics? Gag-a-day?”

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[h2]Show Notes[/h2]
Here are the things we talk about in this episode:

[h2]Question of the Week Episode 25 Responses:[/h2]
While listeners can leave comments on the website each week, answers come in from various other platforms as well (and we can only read a few answers on the show). Here are all the responses we got to the question “How often do you browse physical bookstores for books?” Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer.

  • Nancy: I almost never go into bookstore anymore and I feel guilty about it. Before Amazon I browsed bookstores a lot, for me it was the best way to find out about new books. I started buying from Amazon in the late 1990’s. I started reading ebooks on a PDA in the early 2000’s and then switched to a Kindle. It is just easier and cheaper to buy ebooks and books from Amazon. Another factor is the amount of information available on the web from authors, publishers, bloggers and even Facebook. I recently bought a handwork book directly from an Australian publisher based on a blog I read. I never would have found the book in a US bookstore.
  • A.J.: I rarely browse new bookstores, only when I’m killing time at Barnes & Noble before the movies. However, I do love browsing used bookstores. There’s something exciting about searching through the cluttered stacks of a used bookstore, like it’s a treasure hunt. Plus, the book prices at a used bookstore are competitive with ebook prices. I’m more willing to take a chance on a $3 used book than a $19 new book.
  • Katie: I love walking through book stores. I go to Half Price Books couple times a year and can never leave empty handed. TBR pile is out of control.
  • Gillian: I love bookstores! When I was home in NZ, I actually built up such a rapport with the owner of my local comic store that he would hold things he suspected I would like until I had the chance to look at them. Often, he was right! I didn’t develop a relationship like that at any of our local bookstores but my stepdad did, with an independent book store. When I shop at that store, I go straight to the staff and tell them the kind of book I am looking for and get their recommendations because they know books like nobody’s business.
    Currently, I am in Japan! My Japanese is not at book reading levels yet but this has not prevented me from buying Japanese novels here. Because I am currently trying to save I try to avoid bookstores but still end up in one at least once a month.
    Fun fact: seeing what Western books end up translated and distributed in Japan is fascinating. Sometimes the titles are completely different and a fun game to play is ‘guess the book.’ If I am in a bigger city with bookstores with English language books, I often end up browsing just to see what is currently popular.