On this week’s show Jeff & Will discuss their trip to New York and review the eight musicals they saw: The King & I, Shuffle Along Or The Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All That FollowedWaitress, Tuck Everlasting, On Your Feet, She Loves Me and Disaster. 

Tammy Middleton stops by for a brief interview about her Authors “Sign Off” for Autism Awareness auction that runs all month and Jeff mentions that he’s added a book to the Hat Trick series that’s already up for auction.

Jeff reviews Ariel Tachna’s Unstable Stud before the guys talk about Nyle’s Tarzan Samba on Dancing with the StarsThe Voice’s cut to the Top 12 and the delightful Peanuts Movie. Jeff also calls out his participation in Diane’s Book Blog Hockey Romance Author’s Stanley Cup Bracket feature.

Episode 27’s Question of the Week is answered before the guys recap Rainbow Book Fair, which includes 13 quick author interviews they did with fair exhibitors.

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[h2]Show Notes[/h2]
Here are the things we talk about in this episode:

[h2]Question of the Week Episode 27 Responses:[/h2]
While listeners can leave comments on the website each week, answers come in from various other platforms as well (and we can only read a few answers on the show). Here are all the responses we got to Katie’s question “I have a friend who loves the darker side of m/m romance. Some favorites are Jack L. Pyke and Joseph Lance Tonlet. What are some others?” Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer.

  • Katie (answering and also clarifying the question): I guess when I think dark I think something outside of my comfort zone, something that you think you should stop reading because you’re uncomfortable, but just can’t stop.
    One book for me was Brothers LaFon by Joseph Lance Tonlet. It’s beautifully written, but wow messed up (and Joseph knows I feel that way). Based on the way it was written I read his other books and there are sooo good. Quillion’s Covert and Grif’s Toy are both very sweet reads and the couples in both have nothing but love for each other. Read the tags on them, but if you want sweet but little twisted, both are well worth a look at. I will read pretty much anything, I think there’s only been one book I didn’t finish.
  • Pat: Raining Men by Rick R. Reed and With or Without You by Brian Farrey are the first two that come to mind.
  • Anna: I think Cari Z / Lisa Henry’s Gamble Everything is the one book which has made me feel kind of perverted for enjoying it. Warning: non con / dub con.
  • Joel: I’m narrating Grace Duncan’s Beautiful Boy. It might fit that bill. Intense but loving.
  • Jex: Does it need to be ‘romance’ in the sense of a HEA or are m/m relationship stories okay? Nicholas Bella, R Phoenix As Raissa, and Daniel James Heart (DJ Heart) have some darker stuff (DJ’s stuff is more bdsm bent).
  • Debra: Lynn Kelling is a must! There’s also Kol Anderson, Lisa Henry has some good dark reads including Another Man’s Treasure with JA Rock, there’s the Flesh Cartel series by Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau which is really dark and Adrienne Wilder has some as well.
  • Erica: Quil Carter needs to be on this list. He is amazing!
  • Kaate: K.A. Merikan
  • Scott: Like you, I’m not sure the definition of “Dark Side”, but here’s some suggestions: S.J.D. Peterson has some great BDSM gay romance novels Both of Christian Baines books I’ve read (The Beast Without & Puppet Boy) have been pretty damn dark. And Quinn Cimarron have some interesting Werewolf BDSM books.