Big Gay Fiction Podcast: GRL Blog Tour Interview Scheduler

Thank you for scheduling your 2017 GRL Blog Tour Interview. These segments run 10-15 minutes on the podcast and have a half hour scheduled for the recording. Please make sure you fill out the form completely.

Steps to complete the form:

  1. Select your timezone from the dropdown and click “set the timezone”
  2. Choose a date for your interview to be recorded. REMINDER: Your interview must be scheduled to take place at least five days before the show is scheduled to air (i.e., you must be recorded before the Wednesday that is before the Monday your segment airs).
  3. Once you’ve selected the date, pick a time from the ones that are listed. (In general, on weekdays we can record from 6:30am – 8am and 4pm-8pm and Saturdays from 6:30am-8am and 1pm-6pm Pacific Time. There are some exceptions and the calendar is as up to date as possible.)
  4. Once you pick the time, click the “continue” button that appears
  5. Fill out, at minimum, all required fields on the form:
    1. Name and email address
    2. Your Skype ID
    3. Yes or no, are we recording video?
    4. Questions 1 -3 of what we should ask you during the interview (4 and 5 are optional)
    5. Author website URL
    6. Yes or no, are you including a giveaway?
  6. Answer any of the additional questions you’d like so we’ve got the information.
  7. Click “complete appointment”
    You’ll see an onscreen confirmation and receive an email.