Jeff’s Visit to Luna Luna

In March, Jeff got to visit the Luna Luna Art Amusement Park to attend the launch event for Brad Gooch’s The Life and Line of Keith Haring (in case you missed it, you can hear Jeff talk to Brad about Radiant in episode 449). Jeff also got to see all of the rides and attractions. Here are pictures and video from the visit.

Luna Luna in large light up letters.
The entrance to Luna Luna, featuring the large light up letters that can also be inside.

Andre Heller Dream Station. A large orange dome with yellow, orange, white, and black spikes coming out from the top.
One of the few exhibits outside is Andre Heller’s Dream Station where you can walk through as you enter the park.

Brad Gooch discusses his Keith Haring biography
Brad Gooch talked about writing The Life and Line of Keith Haring in the Luna Luna theater. He stood in front of projected images, which are also inside the book. This one shows Keith standing inside the Pop Shop store.

Jeff stands in front of the Keith Haring Carousel
Here I am standing in front of the Keith Haring Carousel. Behind the Carousel you can see one of two sets of large canvases covered in Haring drawings.

Keith Haring Carousel featuring brightly painted characters to sit and ride on, plus Haring's icon drawing style surrounds the ride, including a self-drawing.
And here’s the Carousel without me in front of it. I love the Haring self drawing!

Here’s video of the Carousel going, along with the original music that accompanied the ride

Keith Haring mural on a tarp, featuring his iconic characters in bright colors.
One of the canvas panel’s that Haring drew to go with the Carousel, covered in his iconic characters.

Keith Haring mural on a tarp, featuring his iconic characters in bright colors. In this one, the art is lit with black light.
Occasionally a black light would come on and give the Haring canvases a different look.

An intact Keith Haring Luna Luna t-shirt
This Luna Luna t-shirt designed by Haring came out of storage in good shape. Luna Luna sells a number of the vintage shirts that were stored in the containers.

An destroyed Keith Haring Luna Luna t-shirt
Some t-shirts didn’t survive as well though, such as this one that was found throughly gnawed.

Outside the Roy Lichtenstein Luna Luna Pavilion
The Roy Lichtenstein Luna Luna pavilion, one of a few pavilions you could go inside if you got a Moon Pass (which I did because I didn’t want to miss anything).

Inside the Roy Lichtenstein Luna Luna Pavilion's glass maze
Inside the Lichtenstein pavilion, which was a mass of glass and mirrors.

Cloud and moon characters
Two Luna Luna characters, a cloud and the moon.

Stilt walker
A performer on stilts next to the Kenny Scharf swing ride.

The Kenny Scharf swing ride in motion, along with its original music.

Kenny Scharf sculptures of fantastical creatures.
Kenny Scharf sculptures. These remind of Space Invaders characters.

Outside David Hockney's Enchanted Tree
The outside of David Hockney’s Enchanted Tree

Inside David Hockney's Enchanted Tree
Inside Hockney’s Enchanted Tree. I didn’t use a flash here since I didn’t want to have a glare on anything.

Jeff inside Salvador Dali's Dalidom
A picture of me inside Salvador Dali’s Dalidom, a dome filled with mirrors.

Andre Heller's Wedding Chapel
You can marry anyone or anything at Andre Heller’s Wedding Chapel

Jean-Michel Basquiat's Ferris Wheel
The Jean-Michel Basquiat Ferris Wheel

Jean-Michel Basquiat Ferris Wheel in motion, along with its original music Miles Davis.