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Street Fighter: The Movie – Heart of Darkness Revisited?

Take a minute to check out Chris Plante’s ‘Street Fighter: The Movie – What Went Wrong’. It’s a fascinating look at the endless series of behind-the-scenes calamities the dogged the 1994 film from the very beginning. I admit that I kind...

Jonny Quest

I love this show. This stop-motion/computer animated recreation of the Jonny Quest opening titles blows my mind! Jonny Quest Opening Titles from Roger D. Evans on Vimeo.

I Need a Doll!

Here’s a little remixed camp to get everyone over the midweek hump. art via Glen Hanson

Nu (aka the US version) Being Human

If you’re not as geekily excited by this as I am, I understand, just ignore this and go on with your life. :) Pics of the SciFi (oops… I mean SyFy) channel’s remake of Being Human have just come out and I think they might have gotten this one right....

Tik Spock

I’m sure this video has been around forever, but I’ve only just discovered it. It made me smile on a rather drab Wednesday. I’m sure my husband (a former trekkie) can name each of the episodes featured in the clip.

Grayson Chance – MEGASTAR

I love this kid. He’s had the best week ever! Watch the whole clip for a special guest and Grayson’s kick-ass cover of “Paparazzi”.