Well here it is, the middle of the month and at approximately 6:20 this morning, I crossed the 25,000 word mark–half way to the 50,000 word goal for National Novel Writing Month. This 25,000 words translates to 40.5 single spaced pages in MS Word.

I’m quite happy that I have managed to stay on pace so far, even though I had another day this past weekend where I didn’t make the word count (Sunday I only wrote about 500 words).

So far the hockey players in love have snagged a scholarship to play at Michigan; one of them got pretty severely hurt in the middle of a game and they’re on the verge of being discovered by their teammates (I actually thought I’d get that done within the first 25,000 words, but I think it will happen before I cross 30,000).

I have posted a brief excerpt from the novel on the NaNoWriMo website. It’s part of my profile and you can read it by clicking on the part of the page to read the excerpt. Remember, it’s very much a first draft, so you’ll have to excuse any editing problems.

I still don’t have an ending yet… or really have a clue what the end game will be. But I’ve got 15 more days (including a week’s worth of vacation) to figure that part out!