It’s only September, but the holiday feeling has been in the air the past month or so for me. I’ve been working on a story for Dreamspinner Press’ Christmas Dreams – Mistletoe Madness anthology. I just sent “Rivals” in this morning, the deadline day. It was a fun story to write, just under 10,000 words. The anthology is for this Christmas so I should know soon if this is accepted or not.

In other news, Nerdvana (edited by Fred Towers, from STARbooks, ISBN: 1934187577, list price: $17.95) is up for pre-order now from Amazon and other sources. I’m excited about this since “Adventures of Jake #1” will be the first story I’ll make a little money for as well as my first story in a book that will be available nationwide. It’s going to be fun to read the other stories in here too to see what the other authors created from the theme. (Caution: Nerdvana contains adult subject matter)

Over in Neutral Zone land, things have been static. Work picked up for the summer and I haven’t been able to give time to it and get the short story done. Work kept me from finishing a short story for the Games in the Dark anthology. I’ve got a good chunk of that story written so I am going to finish it and hope to find somewhere else to shop it to. Work will lighten up by mid-October so I can get back to Neutral Zone and finish that editing job. Reading David Inside Out by Lee Bantle further drove the point home that I need to finish working on Neutral Zone and work to get it out there. There is a market for this kind of story–Martin, Bill and Lee have all proven that to me this year.