It’s that time of year again. A new year begins and it’s time to look backwards and forwards.

At the start of 2009, I had these goal categories in mind. How did I do? Let’s see:

  • Volunteering: I connected with the The Ali Forney Center at the beginning of the year and by mid-year I was through training and became a Life Coach for a group of young adults. It’s been an incredibly rewarding year.
  • Fitness: Good lord to I eat too much. That’s the biggest problem. I’ve been pretty good with the gym and even started bike riding this year (which I liked a lot), but I’m still not where I should be.
  • Writing: It was a pretty good year. As you may have seen in last week’s 2009 Top 10 post, I got published twice this year. I also continued to work on Neutral Zone and am some other writing projects.
  • Job: I did keep learning a lot here. I handled more larger projects this year, oftentimes running them simultaneously.
  • Hockey: I got off the plateau and had a lot of fun in 2009 and I think that’s because I stopped captaining and got to focus on just playing. I also was on the gold medal winning team for the Chelsea Challenge.

Here’s the goals for 2010:

  • More writing success: I’m working on revisions on Neutral Zone (and am taking an online course to help me with it). I’ve also got in-progress short stories. I’m hoping to get accepted/publish a lot in 2010 and if all goes well the book will be on that path as well.
  • Learn to dance: It’s time. I’ll never dance like they do on SYTYCD, but I might be able to pull off something simple. It would be incredible to waltz with Will. Yes, I’d love to figure out a paso doble becuase those are way cool…but let’s get the basics down and then see what happens.
  • Job: It needs to continue to be challenging so that I keep learning new things. I also need to figure out how to take the vacation days I have so I don’t lose them. The past couple of years that has been a losing battle.
  • Volunteering: Keep doing what am doing, and hope that I continue to grow and be more useful to the people I’m working with.
  • Fitness: We’ve talked about going back to P-town this summer, I’d like to be in the best shape ever for that trip. Will and I have already talked about a plan that helps keep us both on track with things and it should work. Flat tummy for 2010!