140810_ERolle_Cover_Layout.cdrWill and I have known Elisa Rolle for a couple years now. We met at the 2012 GayRomLit in Albuquerque. We’d known of her for longer than that because of the excellent blog she runs, Elisa’s Reviews & Ramblings, where she features LGBT literature (including the Rainbow Awards) and a huge catalog of LGBT couples throughout history. Will and I were honored when we were written up on her website back in June of 2013 for a post that ran on my birthday (the post was updated and ran again September 7, 2014 to commorate our wedding anniversary). The honor grew November 2013 when she asked us if she could feature us in the book she was working on. The book Days of Love: Celebrating LGBT History One Story at a Time has just been released in paperback and ebook. It’s truly amazing being included in this books that looks at hundreds of LGBT couples, both historical and present day. Some of the historical couples included are Alexander the Great & Hephaestion, Queen Christina of Sweden & Countess Ebba Sparre, James Buchanan & William R. King, Abraham Lincoln & Joshua Fry Speed, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony to name a few. Among the more contemporary couples are Bill Konigsberg & Chuck Cahoy (Bill is one of my very favorite authors), Matthew White & Thomas Schumacher, Andrew Frist & Tom Dolby, Brent Hartinger & Michael Jensen, Billy Merrell & Nico Medina. It’s astonishing to be a part of such a list of people. Couple’s stories include how they met, what they do and other bits and pieces that make of a part of their history as a couple. I’ve only read a portion of the book so far, but it’s wonderful to read about each of the relationships.


For those in New York, Elisa is presenting the book at the LGBT Center on October 14th at 7pm. I’m sad we won’t be able to be there to participate. She’s got a great lineup of panelists to be with her. You can learn more on her website. If you’re in the area, I encourage you to attend for a wonderful evening. Meanwhile, I am excited that less than a week after her presentation, we’ll see her in Chicago for GayRomLit where we will definitely get her to autograph our copy of this amazingly entertaining, and educational, book.