GayRomLit in Chicago is just over six weeks away and, since I’m attending this year as a Supporting Author, I’ve been putting together the items I’ll have on hand to promote my books. This afternoon my brochures were delivered and I’m thrilled with how they turned out.

GRL Brochures

I did one for each of my currently available books, with the exception of Hat Trick Overtime: A Classic Winter’s Night (and it’s called out in the Hat Trick brochures). Each of these features a sampling of reviews, the book’s blurb, my bio, cross promotion between the other books, a 1,000-ish word blurb and the all important links for where to buy it.

Other than some wrestling with Vistaprint’s online design tools (which at times do not behave as you’d expect them to), these were pretty easy to make. Will was a great help with design too as he’s got a much better eye for that than I do.

I’m looking forward to spreading the word about my books with these, along with some of the other things I’ll have in Chicago (like the CDs that I need to start working on in the next week or so).