typingI’m in week two of an online writing productivity course that Will and I are taking. So far I’m enjoying it, and learning some interesting stuff.

I’ve done okay, I think in the amount of words I produce. And I know I get in my own way a lot. I’m easily distracted by other shiny objects on the computer and tasks that I think should be done. Think is the operative word there because often they don’t need to be done right as they pop into my head.

But, even when I’m focused, I’m rarely good for more than 2,000 words a day. I’d really like to ramp that up as it would help my overall production. I feel this class will give me some tips on how to do that. I think I’ve already digested part of that. Yesterday’s Flash Fiction Friday for example, was around 2,200 words and two thousand of those words were written in about two and half hours and after I finished those I was still feeling fresh enough to finish some revisions on another story.

I certainly don’t have to do tons of words every day, but I am looking to produce more overall.

I’ve started keeping track of how much I write with the Works in Progress Diary. Each week it tracks what I’m working on, the state the piece is in and how many (if any) words are added to it. I’m using it for short stories, novels, Flash Fiction Friday, and any blog posts I write that aren’t for this blog (so this post isn’t counted, but a post for PuckBuddys would be). I’m curious to watch how the word count tracks as I learn more in this course, and even as I travel next week because I’ve got projects I need to maintain momentum on.

Stay tuned for more on what I learn in the class, and how my word count is impacted.