Last week was another week that the story came on me very quickly. Thursday morning I didn’t have a story, but Thursday afternoon, as it became time for me to write, the idea snapped into my head. I like what turned out and you can read it by going to the bottom of last week’s post.

We’re taking a break from Storymatic cards for a couple weeks. Will and I have decided to go Halloween this week and use a Michael Breytette work as our image. We love Michael’s art and have collected four signed prints over the years, and purchased many calendars. This is one of his fun, Halloween images, titled Ghouls Gone Wild, and it seemed perfect for some inspiration this week.


Come on back next week to see what sort of story this image conjures up (I already have an idea and hope I can pull it off). And, remember you’re invited to play along too. Write a story and leave the link in the comments section. Happy Halloween!

[h3]October 10 Story[/h3]
This week’s story, “Halloween: Wrapped or Unwrapped?”, was submitted to Vitality magazine for its Halloween contest and it was accepted as entry #3! You can read the story on Vitality‘s Tumblr.