Flash Fiction Friday

Last week was a success. I had a great time writing for The First Line again. There’s nothing to see on last week’s post since I’m submitting to the magazine. Once I know the publication status, I’ll update the post.

Hat TrickThis week, the flash comes from the Hat Trick universe. I write a monthly post to the blog of YA author Sam Kadence (here’s my back-to-school post as an example). This month is Halloween. I’ve never done flash for Sam’s blog, but I had the idea of writing a Halloween scene that could’ve been in the first Hat Trick. For those of you that have read the first book, Halloween, although not mentioned in the book, would’ve fallen within the week that’s covered in chapter two.

So my challenge this week is to come up with a Halloween scene for Simon, Alex and the rest of the gang. This one will likely post early since it’d be great to get it done before Halloween on Friday. Of course, once it’s up at Sam’s blog, I’ll link up to it here.



[h3]October 24 Story[/h3]
Just in time for Halloween, I got this week’s story posted at Sam Kadence’s site. You can hop over there to read “The Hat Trick Halloween Special.”