So this has been percolating since late last year and I’m excited that it finally come to fruition this coming week. I was approached by Wt Prater from the Writers Online Network if I’d be interested in co-hosting a program focusing on Young Adult books. YA Yay premieres this coming Tuesday (January 27) at 7pm ET / 4pm PT and our first guest is the awesome T.A. Chase who’ll talk about her book I Call Death Dad.

I know T.A. primarily for the steamy hockey romance she wrote with Devon Rhodes called Burning up the Ice (I talked to T.A. and Devon about that book for PuckBuddys). Even in conversations with her, I don’t think we’ve touched on the YA books that she’s written so I’m looking forward to talking with her about this area of her writing.

Check out this blurb, and you can see why this book will make a rich topic for discussion:

When Death’s your dad, you never look at life the same way again.

Okay, figuring out you’re gay is hard enough, right? I mean I’ve barely admitted the truth to myself. Forget about telling anyone else about liking guys. I thought it would be the most difficult thing I had to deal with, until my dad showed up to claim me for the summer.

Did I mention I hadn’t seen him for more than twenty minutes each birthday? Seriously, he couldn’t be bothered to visit me any other time, yet now he expects me to welcome him with open arms.

Well, did I mention he’s Death? And his plans for me will change my life.

You can listen to the show live on Tuesday, or check out the archived edition. Full details for the episode are on BlogTalk Radio.

Moving forward, the plan is to have a new show the last Tuesday of the month. If there are YA authors out there you’d like to hear from, leave some comments. We want to cover a broad spectrum of YA authors, so all suggestions are welcome.