januaryJanuary was an interesting month. I hit a some key goals, but also failed on one that disappointed me.

The major goal of the month was to complete the manuscript for Flipping for Him so it’d be ready to publish in February. I enjoyed getting the story completed and working with designers to create a great cover.

Hat Trick Overtime: Summer Camp also released. I had a blast on the blog tour for that, chatting with fans of the series and meeting new readers. I’ve come to really enjoy blog tours. Since I usually talk about various aspects of the story on the various stops, it’s almost like I’m doing director’s commentary on it… and that’s really fun! This one had the bonuses of doing an interview with Simon and Alex, as well as Wade Kelly interviewing me, and those were both fun and different sort of things for this tour.

Where I was challenged for the month was in word count. I really wanted to hit an average of 10,000 words per week. I didn’t come close. While I was always engaged doing tasks that needed to be done, while I was editing and revising FFH and working on the HTO blog tour, there wasn’t much time for new words. I love making words, but I either need to adjust my expectations for weeks when I’m working on tasks that are prioritized above writing or I need to figure out how to break up my time differently so that there’s always room for writing in a day/week. I’ll continue to work on this to ensure I can find the right balance.

February will see FFH release in the middle of the month, and primary work will shift back to completing the first draft of Hat Trick 3. It’s gonna be a fun month being back in Simon and Alex’s world.