flippingforhim-150x240I’m pleased to announce that my latest YA romance, Flipping for Him is now available for purchase. This book was fun to write as it allowed me to create some new characters, who I love, and is set in another sport that I enjoy. Although I don’t do parkour myself, I do enjoy watching it any time I can.

I also got to create teen characters unlike the ones that populate Hat Trick. Here, Kevin and Shin are already out. We find out over the course of the story that they each had pretty easy time coming out. The drama in the story comes form other, unexpected places, as you can see in the details below.

You can pick up a copy today at All Romance | Amazon | iBooks | KoboSmashwords (and coming soon to bn.com).

Here’s the detail on Flipping For Him

Kevin McCollum is a high school junior with the usual things on his mind: getting good grades, having fun, and finding a boyfriend.

On a warm afternoon, while studying in Central Park, Kevin notices a guy practicing parkour—jumping on rocks, running up trees, doing flips. Kevin’s a fan of the sport, and many of the hot guys he’s seen do it on TV. After watching “parkour guy” for several days, Kevin is surprised when Shin comes over to introduce himself.

As the two begin dating, cultures clash when Shin’s parents reveal their expectations that he date only Japanese boys. Pressures mount and Kevin isn’t sure how he can fight to keep Shin when the opposition are his parents and traditions.

Is their twenty-first century love doomed before it even truly begins?

Excerpt from Chapter 1 | Excerpt from Chapter 3

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