Dirty Dozen Blog Tour 2015

GRL is coming up in just a few weeks and the Dirty Dozen are back for another year. The Blog Tour asks the same twelve questions from twelve authors and you get to see the wildly different answers that come up. Plus, at each stop, if you leave a comment, you’ll be registered to win a prize package that includes an ebook from each author.

Here’s the schedule:
September 24: A.E. Via hosts Wade Kelly
September 25: Aisling Mancy hosts Tempe O’Riley
September 28: Alexa Land hosts T.M. Smith
September 29: Carter Quinn hosts Nicole Dennis
September 30: Jeff Adams hosts Nic Star
October 1: L.E. Franks hosts Morticia Knight
October 2: Morticia Knight hosts L.E. Franks
October 5: Nic Starr hosts Jeff Adams
October 6: Nicole Dennis hosts Carter Quinn
October 7: T.M. Smith hosts Alexa Land
October 8: Tempe O’Riley hosts Aisling Mancy
October 9: Wade Kelly hosts A.E. Via

Hope to see you on the tour!