This week’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast is unique. It’s  almost like a TV morning show–you know how those shows have a cooking segment or some do-it-yourself demo. Well, we’re having a coloring party! While Will and I were at the Dreamspinner Author Conference back in March, we recorded an interview with Dreamspinner’s Associate Art Director Paul Richmond who is also the author of the Cheesecake Boys Coloring Book. We were joined by one of Dreamspinner’s cover artists Aaron Anderson and we had  a fabulous time talking about coloring book, designing book covers and more. It was a blast! We even brought up a treat for one lucky listener–there’s a Rafflecopter on the shownotes page where you can enter to win the autographed artwork that Paul, Aaron and Will created. Make sure you don’t miss this fun-filled episode of Jeff & Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast.