It’s pretty well known that I get emotional pretty easy. I can cry during movies, plays, commercials, songs, books. Sometimes I can get weepy simply by thinking about something that made me cry before (example: it’s hard for me to discuss Sarina Bowen’s The Understatement of the Year without tearing up). This week I interviewed Rick R. Reed for the Big Gay Fiction Podcast and ended up making him emotional. I hadn’t planned a Barbara Walters moment to happen, but it provides some wonderful insight into Rick and why he writes what he does.

Also this week I review books from K.C. Wells and Igor Max, plus Will and I talk about some TV as the 2017-18 TV season wraps up. Plus we take a moment for a couple of future things we’re looking forward to: Eastsiders season 3 and the delightful animated short In a Hearbeat.

Check out all these things on this week’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast.