Will and I finally caught up on the mini-series When We Rise. It was quite a moving and eye opening production. There was a lot of the gay history I knew, but many things I didn’t as well. As you’ll hear in this week’s show. I think it should be required viewing. Younger LGBT people should see it to know the fight that came before them. Our allies should see it to be more informed, and be ready to take on the future as there will surely be more to rise up about. Readers of the m/m genre should see it because without that history, the books they enjoy today likely wouldn’t exist.

In addition this week, the Brockmann/Gaffney clan are back to talk about being a part of such a creative family and what’s coming next for them. Will reviews books from Ariel Tachna and Tara Lain and shows off so cool new Promised Land merchandise.

All this, and more, on episode 90 of the Big Gay Fiction Podcast.